Duncan Campbell nominated for Turner Prize

Duncan Campbell nominated for Turner Prize

A GLASGOW Irish film-maker has made the shortlist for this year’s Turner Prize.

Duncan Campbell, who was born in Ireland, is one of four nominees and has been shortlisted for his presentation, It for Others,

The work features archive material as well as new footage, including a dance work by the choreographer Michael Clark.

One of Campbell’s most celebrated films is Make it New John (2009) about the Belfast-based car maker John De Lorean and his revolutionary ‘gull-wing’ DMC12, a model that was intended to kick-start a new era of manufacturing (and industrial/social relations) in 1970s North of Ireland. A 2008 film, Bernadette, focuses on Bernadette Devlin.

Amanda Donnan, curator at New York’s Carnegie Museum of Art, said: “Campbell’s films are based in immense amounts of research and a sincere desire to understand the past. But they acknowledge the contradictions and limitations of that endeavour, and challenge viewers to consider what they know and how. They are fascinating films that transform archival material into something wholly the artist’s own.”

Last year the Turner Prize was staged in Derry - this year the venue is the Tate Britain in London. The £25,000 winner from the four-strong shortlist will be announced on December 1 at a ceremony at the venue, which will also house an exhibition of works by the nominees later this year.

The other nominees are James Richards, Tris Vonna-Michell and Ciara Phillips, who is Irish-Canadian.