Hot Press search for Phil Lynott memorabilia as part of new book

Hot Press search for Phil Lynott memorabilia as part of new book

IRISH music magazine Hot Press has launched a campaign to create the most comprehensive story of Ireland’s first rock star.

The Philip Lynott Pledge Music campaign is calling on people worldwide to send details of any Thin Lizzy or Philip Lynott related memorabilia they may have picked up over the years.

The campaign, which will culminate in the publication of a new book, is being back by Lynott’s mother Philomena.

“So many of Philip’s fans have told me about the different momentos they’ve gathered and cherished over the years,” she said.

“And of course others put things away that they have entirely forgotten about. I have unearthed a veritable treasure trove of memorabilia — many of which I had forgotten even existed. Now, I’m asking fans of my boy, Philip, to help me and Hot Press to add even more.”

This latest project follows on from Still In Love With You: The Philip Lynott Exhibition, which ran in both Dublin and London in 2011 and 2012.

“We are uncovering some really remarkable material, which will give fans a far deeper insight into the life and times of Philip Lynott,” said Niall Stokes, editor of Philip Lynott: Still In Love With You.

“It is going to be a totally unique and wonderful book. It’d be lovely if fans from around the world were to add even more.”

To get in touch simply send a photo (a phone pic is fine) of any memorabilia to stillinlovewith [email protected].

Items can range from concert tickets, posters, obscure record sleeves, important newspaper or magazine cuttings to more personal items such as letters, postcards, photographs, autographs or indeed any interesting material you might come across.