Irish radio show goes 360 degrees with brilliant music video of three bands‏ from Ireland

Irish radio show goes 360 degrees with brilliant music video of three bands‏ from Ireland

AN IRISH radio show claims to have made British broadcasting history when it captured three Irish bands performing using an innovative 360 degree filming technique.

Some of Ireland's up-and-coming acts,  Pleasure Beach, Saint Sister and Stephanie Rainey took part in the 360 degree session, when they performed live on What's the Craic - a weekly Irish radio show on Brighton's Radio Reverb.

The sessions have been uploaded to YouTube and allow the viewer to swing the video right around to see all parts of the studio when viewing in app on a mobile device or on a desktop Chrome browser.

By using the Google Cardboard function on YouTube the videos can also be viewed in virtual reality - again another first - which puts viewers right at the heart of the intimate performances.

What's the Craic presenter Anthony Martin said: "The technology to record this special session and to view it has only become mainstream in 2016 so it is the perfect time to push the boundaries and to give people a unique look behind-the-scenes of our radio station.

"The video should hopefully put the viewer literally right into the middle of an intimate performance by two amazing acts and for the first time, people will be able to have a proper look around a radio studio and see exactly what goes on."

The stunning performances by Belfast five-piece Pleasure Beach, 'atmosfolk' duo Saint Sister and solo artist Stephanie Rainey as well as interviews can all be viewed on Facebook and YouTube.

You can watch the video here and use the arrows at the top left-hand corner to move around the studio...

What's the Craic is aired on Brighton's Radio Reverb at 8pm on Monday and is repeated Tuesdays at 3pm and Saturdays at 1am.