Irish singer Una Healey defends her daughter Aoife wearing make-up at age 5

Irish singer Una Healey defends her daughter Aoife wearing make-up at age 5

UNA HEALY has defended letting her young daughter wear make-up after social media users took exception to five-year-old’s appearance.

The former The Saturdays singer, 36, received an almighty backlash from fans after sharing a photo of little Aoife wearing make-up on Instagram last month.

But the Irish songstress has defended the snap as “completely innocent”, explaining that her daughter “loves to see what mummy’s doing” and imitate her.

“She sees me put my make-up on before going to work and she asked if she can have a go,” Una told MailOnline.

“While around the house I might put a little lip gloss on but it’s completely innocent


“I disabled the comments on that Instagram post because I really don’t need that negativity.

Mammy's look alike: The picture of Aoife that caused so much controversy online (Picture: Instagram)

“If people use it as a platform to troll me when we were doing something so innocent and in my eyes – there’s nothing wrong with it - you don’t need the keyboard warriors, so they can shut up now”.

Opening up about the challenges of parenting, the 36-year-old confessed she was a “nervous wreck” after Aoife recently cracked a bone in her elbow following a tumble at home.

“She’s doing so good, it’s amazing how children are so tough in so many ways,” she said.

“I was over-worrying and being a nervous wreck about the whole thing but she’s been so brave and brilliant.


“It was actually a lot worse than we thought - we imagined it was sprained, but it was a full on crack in her bone that had to be repaired with surgery.”

Una, originally from Thurles in Co. Tipperary, has been married to England rugby player Ben Foden since 2012.

The couple also have a son, Tadhg John, who turned three earlier this month.