Katie Melua discovers spider living in her ear

Katie Melua discovers spider living in her ear

KATIE Melua had a shocking discovery last week when she found a spider had been living in her ear.

The Nine Million Bicycles singer, who moved to Northern Ireland at a young age, had been frustrated by a “rustling” sound in her ear for over a week.

She visited a doctor who revealed that the noise was due to a spider living inside her ear canal.

The 30-year-old believes that the creature had crawled into her ear from ear-phones she had been using on a flight.

"So I had a rustling in my ear for a week and went to the doctor to have it checked out this morning. THIS little fella is what they found!” Melua posted on Instagram.

"Basically I used these old in-ear monitors to block out sound on a flight, little spider must have been in them and crawled inside my ear and stayed there for the week," she said.

"Though the thing looked TERRIFYING up-close on the doctor's camera, once he took him out it was pretty small, and now its in this little test tube, alive and seemingly fine.

"It was no hassle at all, apart from the occasional shuffling noises," she added.