Musical icon Van Morrison to play two intimate gigs in London next month

Musical icon Van Morrison to play two intimate gigs in London next month

VAN MORRISON has announced he will play two intimate gigs in London next month.

The Belfast-born singer will perform at Camden’s PowerHaus on October 26 and 27 it was confirmed this week.

A figure synonymous with great music, Morrison may be best known for the unforgettable song Brown Eyed Girl, but he has had more than 40 of his albums reach the UK top 40 during his illustrious career.

His live performances have been described as “transcendental experiences”, and his PR team claim next month’s gigs “will offer no exception”.

The intimate PowerHaus venue will provide fans with a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a musical icon perform his music up-close and enjoy the depth and breadth of his talent

Morrison will perform tracks from his 42nd studio album, Latest Record Project, Volume 1, which he released earlier this year to critical acclaim.

The 28-track album includes songs such as Why Are You on Facebook?, They Own The Media and Western Man.

The album marked a return to the UK Top Ten for Morrison, making the 2020s the fourth consecutive decade in which he has achieved such success.

Uncut described it as “his most visceral album in years”, The Times commented “Morrison is doing what blues-men do: funneling frustration into gorgeous music” and The Vinyl District wrote that “one of the most remarkable aspects of Morrison’s recent music is that, even at 75, his voice has not lost any of the lustre, power, or sheer splendour that puts him in a class all by himself”.

Born in Belfast in 1945, Morrison’s father was a shipyard worker who had one of the largest record collections in the area during the period.

Morrison listened obsessively to his father’s collection of blues, country and gospel, becoming acquainted with many of the influences that would follow him throughout his career.

Musical greats such as Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, Muddy Waters, Mahalia Jackson and Leadbelly came to strongly impact the music that would define his career.

At the young age of 15, he was a travelling musician - singing, playing guitar and saxophone in several bands before forming Them in 1964.

The band enjoyed chart success with instant hits such as the much-covered Gloria and Here Comes The Night.

Since striking out on his own in 1967 with the release of Blowin Your Mind!, Morrison’s music has continued to span genres including R&B, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Folk and Soul.

His songwriting and musicality continues to evolve with the creation of new material and reinterpretation of older classics.

Critic Greil Marcus argues that the breadth and complexity of Morrison's work makes him a distinctive and unique figure.

He said: "Morrison remains a singer who can be compared to no other in the history of Rock and Roll, a singer who cannot be pinned down, dismissed, or fitted into anyone's expectations."

Tickets for Morrison’s PowerHaus gigs are available here.

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