New Michael Bay horror movie about 'Covid-23' and lockdown accused of being 'completely tone deaf'

New Michael Bay horror movie about 'Covid-23' and lockdown accused of being 'completely tone deaf'

SERIOUSLY, WHO was asking for this?

The creators of two of the best-known horror movies in recent years, The Purge and A Quiet Place, have thrown their good reputation to the wind as they teamed up with producer Michael Bay for new horror movie Songbird-- a terrifying fiction we're all currently living in.

In Songbird, the world is thrown into ruin by a contagious new Coronavirus disease (no, seriously) which has mutated, becoming more contagious and dangerous with each mutation.

The movie is set in the year 2022; Covid-19 has mutated to Covid-23, and the world is in its 213th week of Lockdown. (It hasn't actually been that long for us yet, but it is really starting to feel like it.)

Over 8 million people have died, the death rate continues to climb, and a strict mandatory curfew is in effect.

Only those who have been found to be immune to the disease are allowed outside, and anyone found breaking quarantine by leaving their room is shot on sight.

Likewise, anyone who is found to be showing any form of symptoms can be dragged from their room by the Government, before it is implied they meet a painful and terrifying end.

Writing and releasing a movie about a devastating global pandemic while the world is still stuck in the middle of a devastating global pandemic might not seem like a great idea, but the producers took a chance-- and did it pay off?

Absolutely not. It was about as well received as a Zombie movie released during a Zombie apocalypse.

The first trailer for the film dropped yesterday, and most, if not all, of the feedback ranges from incredulity, scorn or downright anger.

One person, replying to the brand-new trailer, pointed out that "Making a 'dystopian horror movie' about a horror that is real and happening RIGHT NOW is so tone deaf", adding "bad, bad, bad move".

"The trailer plays on people's fears about the pandemic and being forced into obeying martial law," another wrote. "We are already seeing those fears play out in anti-maskers at the expense of the vulnerable. This is in such poor taste."

One man joked "Did you guys [check] on Michael Bay? A lack of taste is one of the Covid symptoms."

The controversial movie is set to be released in the coming months, but it's unlikely many people will attend the cinema to watch it-- you know, because of the whole situation the movie is based on.