New photo unearthed showing Bob Marley 'jammin' at Irish club goes viral

New photo unearthed showing Bob Marley 'jammin' at Irish club goes viral

A PHOTOGRAPH depicting the legendary Bob Marley jamming with fellow musicians in an Irish club has gone viral after being uncovered by the BBC.

The reggae star, who passed away in 1981 at the age of 36, was already a global icon at the time the picture was taken in the late 1970s, but the rare photograph has never been seen before now.

In the photograph, Marley can be seen on stage at the New Adri Ballroom in Hulme, Manchester-- an Irish club popular with immigrants looking to mingle with people from their home country.

Bob Marley with Barry Johnson (Sweet Sensation) on bass guitar, Tony Bellamy on drums and Asha on guitar, performing at the Ardri club in Hulme, Manchester. They were invited there by Larry Benji for a celebration. - ((C) Coffee Nubia/ BBC2)

The music legend had been invited to the club for a meeting of the 12 Tribes of Israel Rastafari religious group, of which Marley was a prominent member.

The never-before-seen picture was unearthed by producers of the upcoming BBC documentary When Bob Marley Came To Britain, which promises to shed light on the life the musician led when he lived in London while trying to publicise his band.

According to the producers, the band members Marley is pictured jamming with is Barry Johnson of soul band Sweet Sensation, Tony Bellamy on drums and Asha on guitar.

When Bob Marley Came To Britain will air on BBC2 on Saturday, 29 August.