Niall Horan fans furious after One Direction star is cut off mid-song on Irish TV and told ‘we wanted Harry Styles’

Niall Horan fans furious after One Direction star is cut off mid-song on Irish TV and told ‘we wanted Harry Styles’

FANS OF Niall Horan have been left seething after a clip of the singer being cut off by Dustin the Turkey started making the rounds on social media.

In what could be the most bizarre twist of 2020 yet, fans of the former One Direction star are calling for an apology from Dustin the Turkey and Ray D'Arcy after a sketch for RTÉ's Comic Relief charity show 'disrespected' the singer.

RTÉ's Comic Relief saw the beloved Irish children's show The Den return for a one-off sketch, reuniting former presenter Ray D'Arcy and puppets Dustin the Turkey and Zig & Zag after more than 20 years.

In the show, children would have 90 seconds to showcase their talents, and it was the dream of every Irish child to appear on the show and get insulted by Dustin the Turkey.

Niall finally got to live out his childhood dream, but when Dustin cut him off to say they should have gotten Harry Styles on instead it drew fury from the Mullingar singer's army of fans.

"This honestly makes me sick," one person wrote "They are beyond disrespectful and disgusting no matter who the artist is u never do that. RESPECT NIALL HORAN."

"He took the time to sing for this show," another wrote, "and you guys are disrespectful to him ?? What kind of people are you... hope you apologize to niall."

"Wtf this is so beyond disrespectful he's his own person," one person wrote, while another asked "Where is this funny?"

Many of the fans offended on the singer's behalf were calling for Ray D'Arcy and RTÉ to apologise for how Niall was treated on the show-- despite Irish people assuring them that it was Irish humour, that Dustin is known to insult everyone and that Niall was likely in on the joke.

What the enraged fans don't know is that in the full sketch, Dustin says "I didn't know people from Mullingar have teeth"-- we can only imagine how they would have reacted to that.

As RESPECT NIALL HORAN trended on Twitter and the hashtag #RTERayShowRespectNiallHoran gained thousands of tweets, everyone waited with baited breath to see if Niall would address the controversy.

He hasn't-- yet-- but someone else did.