London publican plays down Vince Vaughn movie rumours

London publican plays down Vince Vaughn movie rumours

HOLLYWOOD star Vince Vaughn has been linked to playing the role of a London-based Galway publican who bootlegged thousands of copies of The Sunday Game in London in the 1980s.

Charismatic publican Ambrose Gordon and Vaughn made headlines in Ireland when the Irish Daily Mail reported that The Internship star was in talks with producers for an adaption of the RTÉ Radio documentary, Sex, Flights and Videotapes.

He becomes the latest Hollywood A-list actor to be linked with the role, with  Gabriel Byrne, Aidan Quinn and Matt Dillon already linked to the role.

But critically acclaimed producer Kevin Byron Murphy (Song for a Raggy Boy) who is keen to develop the radio documentary into a Hollywood hit has moved to dismiss the rumours.

“We are in the middle of another project,” he said. “But links like that are good fun.”

“I heard that he was doing it and it would be great for the film,” Gordon was first quoted as saying. “Everyone now is asking me for a part in the movie. It’s a pity I wouldn’t be able to dig out all the old girls from Coppers that I had back then. But sure they would be like Rita in Coronation Street by now.”

However, speaking to The Irish Post last Friday, Gordon joked “Vince who?” when asked about rumours involving the Hollywood star.

But the producer and the publican both say plans to make the movie are still very much alive.

The radio documentary, narrated by Michael O’Muircheartaigh, charts the rise of Ambrose Gordon as he bootlegged thousands of copies of The Sunday Game in London in the 1980s, growing an empire so big that his actions landed him in the High Court on piracy charges.