WATCH: Daniel O'Donnell makes acting debut in short spooky film 'Night of the Daniels'

WATCH: Daniel O'Donnell makes acting debut in short spooky film 'Night of the Daniels'

DANIEL O'DONNELL has now officially tried his hand at acting, having released a mini-movie in time for Halloween called Night of the Daniels.

The film, which premiered on Friday, stars the Donegal singer as a superstar who is tasked with saving the town of Dungloe and its inhabitants when scary waxwork Daniels in the local museum come to life and go on a rampage.

Daniel says he was game for a laugh and loves the fact that the movie pokes fun at him as he’s seen fixing his hair with hairspray before going out to do battle on horseback.

Shaun Doogan and Ciaran McCann of Re-Act Productions, who made The Night of the Daniels, are also the talented team behind Daniel’s previous viral hit, Down at the Lah De Dah.

Daniel says: “Is there an acting career ahead of me? I don’t know the first thing about acting, to be honest, but Shaun Doogan and Ciaran McCann, who put the whole thing together, have made me look like I do.

“Actors watching it will probably say, ‘Well, that’s not acting!’ But I suppose it is a wee bit of acting, and in my concerts I have always enjoyed doing specials such as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Show and The Christmas Show which have had a drama element to them.”

Daniel, who has also joined the TikTok video platform, will next weekend release a brand new album, I Wish You Well, which features 10 new songs by some of his favourite songwriters.

It’s a mix of up-tempo songs and ballads, including two Michael Bublé-esque tunes - Under A Spell of Loving You, written by Fergal Flaherty, and Always There by Brendan Graham and Rolf Lovland, the duo behind You Raise Me Up.


Watch the video for Night of the Daniels by clicking here.