WATCH: Irish girl pulls hilarious 'face mask' prank on bewildered dad

WATCH: Irish girl pulls hilarious 'face mask' prank on bewildered dad

WE'RE ALL a bit bored in isolation, and some are dealing with the boredom a little better than others.

One Dublin girl, Shannon Taylor Creedy, decided to get creative with the extra time she had on her hands and planned a prank on her unsuspecting father.

In the video of the prank, posted to social media site TikTok, Shannon can be heard encouraging her dad to wear a face mask-- and if he does, she'll pay him €50.

After an exchange where her dad warns her not to "act the b****cks" and says it had better not be one of those masks that "rips the hair from your face", he reluctantly agrees-- which we're sure he now regrets doing.

Because, unbeknownst to him, his daughter's 'facemask' is actually fake tan.

"This will take the spots off your chin," she tells him, as he sits there with dark fake tan all over his face-- but eventually the gig is up as he notices the colour has come off on his fingers.

"Don't act the b****cks," he says again before Shannon roars "It's fake tan!" and his jaw-dropping reaction is as good as you'd expect.

At least he can take solace in the fact that he won't have to show his face in the local for a while!

Check out the video below, but don't let it be giving you any ideas!

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