15 things that make you an Irish Mancunian
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15 things that make you an Irish Mancunian

FOLLOWING our list of 30 things that make you second-generation Irish, Tony Hennigan, the director of Manchester Mayo Tourism and Business, looks at 15 things that define the Manchester Irish and make you Irish Mancunian or Irish Manc.

1. You have roots in the West of Ireland or know someone that has.

2. You’ve spent at least one Christmas watching Toss the Feathers perform live.

3. Often, you greet people with “how's the Craic”.

4. Irish Manc photographer Ged Camera has taken your photo.


5. Award-winning Irish musician Mike McGoldrick is actually from Manchester and not Ireland. This is something you’ve told people.

Irish Manchester Jack Charlton

6. You’ve bought former Ireland manager Jack Charlton a pint – or better still had one bought for you by former Ireland & City star Niall Quinn.

7. The belief that Guinness tastes better in Manchester than in London is one you old dear.

8. Irish Manc bands like Oasis and Happy Mondays form the basis of your record collection while you also have plenty of time for The Saw Doctors.

9. St Patrick’s Day is all about being in a pub in South Manchester with something green on and drinking lots of cold Guinness.


10. You’ve visited St Kent’s Irish Club in the hope of meeting the love of your life.

manchester Irish


11. At least once, Brendan Hargaden of St Lawrence’s GAA has asked you to play Gaelic football.

12. You can name all of Ireland’s football players with a Manchester connection – City or United.

13. You believe that there are actually 33 counties in Ireland with County Levenshulme top of the list.

14. You’ve danced the night away at O’Shea’s Irish Bar more often than you care to remember.


15. You believe that it’s cool to be known as an Irish Mancunian.