Is this a joke? Fashion brand's £935 'T-Shirt Shirt' leaves fans baffled
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Is this a joke? Fashion brand's £935 'T-Shirt Shirt' leaves fans baffled

AS A high-end fashion brand, Balenciaga has never been afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to championing the latest fashion trends.

However, the super-cool clothing firm has been made to look rather foolish online thanks to one striking item from its new collection for men.

Part of the Fall 18 collection, the brand-new T-Shirt Shirt certainly delivers on its promise.

Quite literally a blue t-shirt with a checked shirt hanging loosely from the front, this bold and bizarre fashion creation has certainly got people talking.

Unfortunately, it's not for the reasons Balenciaga would have hoped.

Not only has the garment been labelled bizarre by fans of the brand on social media, but it's also been ridiculed for its price.

The Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt does not come cheap either, retailing for an eye-watering £935.

You are getting two garments for the price of one, at least.

It's not the first time the brand has been mocked for its latest creations.

A few months ago, Balenciaga was blasted for selling a £1.6k tote bag that looks distinctly like a 40p shopping bag from Ikea.

This latest gaffe has got people talking on Twitter too, with many happy to poke fun at the apparent fashion fail.

Balenciaga isn't likely to be all that bothered though.

The company regularly courts controversy with its new garments, like the "embossed leather skirt" the company released in October last year.

A skirt that bore a striking resemblance to a rubber car mat.