These 17 Irish baby names are about to be a big hit with new parents in America
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These 17 Irish baby names are about to be a big hit with new parents in America

THE United States always enjoyed a special relationship with Ireland.

With many an Irish immigrant heading across the Atlantic to find fame, fortune or an entirely new way of life, it’s fair to say the Irish share plenty in common with our American cousins.

And while it’s not uncommon to see familiar Irish surnames like Brady and O’Connor popping up all over the States, Irish first names are a little rarer.

But according to Buzzfeed, there are several Irish baby names predicted to prove a hit stateside in the coming years.

Check out the list below...

1. Quinn

A popular Irish surname. It's rare to hear it used as a first name in the UK but its simple modern sound could create a new found popularity.

2. Nessa

Here, it's most often associated with Ruth Jones's hilarious character in Welsh/British sitcom, Gavin and Stacey.

3. Colm

The name could be back in the spotlight after the huge success of Colm Toibin's book Brooklyn, and the big movie version that followed, starring Saoirse Ronan (whose name didn't make the list).

4. Siobhan

This pretty name is a popular choice for Irish girls, but tricky to pronounce for many outside Ireland. (It's SHIV-AWN by the way).

5. Sinead

Nothing compared to this name in the 90s when singer Sinéad O'Connor's made it a fashionable choice for baby girls.

6. Bradan

Sounds like the classic Irish Brendan - maybe a misspelling by sleep-deprived American new parents?

7. Bartley

This modern name would work as both a boy's or a girl's name and gender neutral names are a popular modern choice. But as for what makes it Irish, we're stumped.

8. Finn

There might be a niche group of babies named after Fin Shepard(below) the hero of the cult Sharknado film series in America. But Ireland's Finn is the legendary giant Finn MacCumhaill (pronounced Finn Mac Cool!)

9. Tierney

A beautiful name. We're placing bets an American celebrity will name their baby Tierney before 2017.

10. Ashling

A take on the traditional Irish Aisling with an updated spelling.

11. Cliona

This name's traditional Irish spelling is Cliodhna. Attractive, unusual and not too difficult to pronounce (CLEE-A-NAH), this could be a grower.

12. Regan

Possibly popular in the US because of its presidential connotations?

13. Caiomhe

Another  beautiful Irish name with the classic Gaelic trait of a pronunciation (KEE-VAH or QUEE-VAH) that sounds nothing like it looks on paper.

14. Killian

As the Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy becomes a household name, it's possible that either spelling of this Celtic name could start creeping upwards in popularity. And those eyes.

15. Ronan

Already a popular boy's name at home, maybe even more so following the stratospheric success of Irish boy band Boyzone and lead singer Ronan Keating?

16. Niamh

Very common in Ireland, this pretty name could well make a come back here as interest in more traditional Celtic names grows.

17. Vaughn

Still very much thought of as a last name in Ireland, but might the leap to popular first name here and in the US just yet.