Enraged dad calls police because his son won’t get a job
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Enraged dad calls police because his son won’t get a job

A DAD in England called the police twice this week after his unemployed son refused to look for a job.

Lincolnshire Police have issued a warning to anyone dialing 999 unnecessarily after the man called on two separate occassions.

Sam, a control room staff member for the force, took to Twitter to explain:

"This is definitely not appropriate use of an emergency line, words of advice issued!" she wrote.

"No matter how much you may want your child to get a job, calling the police is not the answer."


The bizarre story sparked a slew of comments on social media.

One person said: "I don’t understand how there’s so many of these types of people. Everyone I know is petrified of accidentally dialing 999 and does a panicked 'end call' if they do".

Another added: "From a very young age, I knew that 999 = emergency services.

"I can remember my dad teaching me how to make an emergency call when I was seven or eight and stressing that 999 was ONLY emergencies.

"I am 45 now and I still understand that message. Come on people."