Gaelsong: your go to Irish caps provider in the US
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Gaelsong: your go to Irish caps provider in the US

With fashion trends constantly changing, it can get hard to keep up. So when you find some timeless pieces that you can wear through all the changing fashion times, you want to make the most of them. Irish caps are timeless pieces that stay versatile and fashionable no matter the season or period. And for high-quality Irish caps, Gaelsong should be your go-to provider in the US.

The appeal of Irish caps comes from both their stylish and sturdy design and their long history rooted in Irish culture. Newsboy caps and flat caps are some of the most well-known styles that have adaptations for both men and women. The general design features a rounded crown and a sturdy brim, some featuring a button at the top and panels, and some having a more “flat” appearance. The history of Irish caps originates in 14th-century Ireland, when they were a common accessory for the working class. Over the years, these caps became symbols of Irish culture and found their way into contemporary fashion as a piece that shows effortless elegance. Irish caps gained more popularity after being featured in TV shows such as Peaky Blinders or worn by big names such as David Beckham. Considering their journey through time and trends, Irish hats have become symbols of Irish craftsmanship, culture and durability. Gaelsong is an Irish store that provides Irish caps for men and Irish hats for women and shares the values of Irish craftsmanship, culture and high quality for durability.

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With a history spanning over 30 years, Gaelsong is a business founded by Colleen Connell with the wish of honouring Celtic culture. A store that prioritises its customers by delivering high-quality authentic Celtic products. The Celtic goods found on Gaelsong are made in Ireland and Scotland by locals, inspired by the natural beauty of the country and its rich history and heritage. From the authentic craftsmanship to the symbolism of each product and its quality and durability, Gaelsong guarantees to offer a true Irish experience with each product. The history and culture of each piece combine with modern styles and interpretations for the perfect mix of authenticity and contemporary aesthetic. With fast delivery all over the US, anyone can honour their Irish heritage with just a couple of clicks.

For gentlemen who want to honour their Irish heritage or add a vintage vibe to their looks, Gaelsong offers different styles of Irish caps. Whether you prefer a plain neutral design for a Newsboy cap or you want a vibrant herringbone pattern on your flat cap, Gaelsong offers you the possibility to choose. Made out of high-quality materials such as tweed or linen and designed with traditional patterns, these Irish caps are a durable and meaningful piece. They can be styled in casual outfits, with some jeans and a polo T-shirt, paired with some carrot trousers and a shirt for a more formal look, or even added to a suit for a full Irish gentleman moment.

If men’s Irish caps are easy to identify and pretty well known, the options for women are more of a mystery to many. Gaelsong offers a wide variety of Irish hats for women, with styles such as Newsboy caps, Flapper hats and pom-pom beanies. The women's options feature patterns such as plaid and herringbone in vibrant colours, but also include some neutral options for more versatility. Comfortable and cosy, these hats combine warmth and style in the perfect way to create the best winter accessory.

So the next time you’re looking for a way to celebrate your Irish heritage and surprise someone you hold dear, make sure you take a look at Gaelsong. The fast 2-3-day US shipping ensures that you’ll have the highest-quality cultural pieces fast and ready for any occasion.