Jameson Irish Whiskey launches 'desk decoys' so you can take St Patrick’s Day off work
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Jameson Irish Whiskey launches 'desk decoys' so you can take St Patrick’s Day off work

JAMESON has launched a new ‘desk decoy’ offer to ensure those in the US who want to take full advantage of St Patrick’s Day 2023 falling on a Friday can do so.

The Irish whiskey brand has enlisted the help of Hollywood actor Regina Hall to launch their St Patrick’s Time Off campaign, which lands today, just over a month from the big day itself.

“St. Patrick’s Day is arguably the best holiday of the year, and this year it falls on the best day of the week – Friday,” the whiskey brand confirms.

“That’s why in 2023 Jameson Irish Whiskey, with the help of actor, producer - and Irish Whiskey lover - Regina Hall, is encouraging Americans to use their hard-earned PTO days and make March 17 an SPTO - St. Patrick’s Day Time Off - to celebrate with friends and family.”

Regina Hall is on hand to Jameson Irish Whiskey launch their St Patrick's Day 2023 campaign

The firm is offering to send life-size cardboard cut-outs to their followers who need a stand-in at work on March 17, to ensure they can go out and enjoy all things Irish.

“Saying you’re taking a day off and actually taking a day off are two different things,” they state.

“In fact, a recent 2022 survey found 61% of people reported feeling guilty for taking their much-deserved PTO.

“That’s why, to combat guilt when scheduling an SPTO this year, Jameson has created the Jameson Desk Decoy - a personalized, life-size version to “stand in” for you this St. Patrick’s Day just in case work comes-a-calling.”

Johan Radojewski, Vice President of Marketing at Jameson Irish Whiskey, explains: “We’ve all been there before - your boss forgot you took an SPTO and swings by to meet one-on-one.

“Or your finance department didn’t get your SPTO memo and requests your latest expense report while you’re out of the office.

“That’s why in the true spirit of Jameson we are introducing the Jameson Desk Decoy: a comical, life-size version of yourself for the office, so the real you can take that planned SPTO and go celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – with a Jameson, Ginger & Lime – guilt free.”

Launching their desk decoy initiative this week, Regina Hall shows how she uses her Jameson Desk Decoy to navigate her own SPTO.

Hall’s Jameson Desk Decoy reviews scripts, participates in a colleague’s birthday party, and stands-in during a photo shoot while the real Regina is out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a glass of Jameson amongst friends.

“I can totally understand the feeling of wanting to take a day off yet not wanting to feel bad about it, but with St. Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday this year, it’s the perfect day to plan ahead and take one of those hard-earned PTO days!” said Hall.

“So don’t save those days for lesser holidays when this year you can take an SPTO, set up your Jameson Desk Decoy, and go celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends.”

As of February 15, consumers can visit JamesonSPTO.com to customize their Jameson Desk Decoy by selecting from a line of SPTO-inspired outfits and uploading their headshot.

Each Jameson Desk Decoy costs $17.80 - priced for the year Jameson was founded - plus tax with free shipping in the continental U.S.

Orders are open until March 10 to ensure fans get their Jameson Desk Decoy propped and in place for their SPTO on March 17.

“Quantities are limited, so participants are encouraged to act fast!” Jameson states.

“And because we know not everyone can take St. Patrick’s Day off – especially Jameson’s friends in the bar and restaurant industries – the brand will donate all proceeds from the Jameson Desk Decoy sales to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Fund (RWCF), on top of an additional $25,000 donation, continuing its longstanding partnership with the organiSation,” they add.