London Irish firm launches children’s art competition to support parents in lockdown
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London Irish firm launches children’s art competition to support parents in lockdown

A LONDON Irish construction firm has launched a children’s art competition to help alleviate the pressures on parents while in lockdown.

The VGC Group, which provides labour and delivers civil engineering projects to the UK’s leading infrastructure contractors, is calling on children of all ages to submit drawings or paintings related to construction or engineering.

“We are looking for images that relate to construction or engineering in some way,” they explain.

“It could be about the people who work in the industry, or about bridges, roads or railways. You might want to have a look around our website for inspiration.”

The firm is offering a £20 gift voucher for the winners in their Under 7, 7 – 11, 12 – 16 and Over 16 categories.


“This is such a difficult time for everyone,” said Laurence Mckidd, VGC’s managing director.

“We are doing all we can, and we decided to run this competition by way of support for parents.”

He added: “My children are older, but I really feel for parents trying to entertain children during lockdown. Hopefully the competition will help.”

Although aimed at children, the competition is open to anyone who wants to take part and entries can be scans or pictures of drawings, paintings, mixed media work or sculptures.

VGC have already received a number of entries.

“We’ve had some excellent entries already,” said Zena Wigram, VGC’s marketing manager.

“After the competition closes we will share them all on our website so all the artists can see their work published.”


Pete Webb has entered two of his son’s drawings.

"We’ve been really grateful to have another activity to do with Yani,” he admits.

“It’s not always easy to think of new ideas for a lively two-year-old in a small flat, and it definitely beats him drawing on the walls."

Entries for the competition must be received by midnight on Sunday, May 10 and should be submitted in landscape format, via the online form here.

The judging will take place on Monday, May 11 and the winners will be announced by Friday, May 15.