Move over Fungie, there's a new dolphin in town
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Move over Fungie, there's a new dolphin in town

IRELAND may have a new star mammal in its waters as sightings of a bottlenose dolphin in Co. Tipperary have caused a stir among residents.

Pictures taken yesterday, in Carrick-on-Suir,  by local resident Jackie Ryan, show the playful mammal swimming about in the river, according to



Its not the first time dolphins have been spotted in the river, with a pair found frolicking in its waters in Watreford in November 2016, but they don't usually find their way as far inland as Carrick.

Local Fianna Fail Councillor Kieran Bourke first heard the news while having his hair cut.

"I was off getting a haircut an hour ago, and I heard it in the barber shop that there was a dolphin in the River Suir," he siad yesterday.

"It's very unusual for a dolphin to come up that far. Carrick-on-Suir is tidal to within about a mile on the Clonmel side, so that may have something to do with it."

According to Carrick River Rescue, the number of dolphins currently in the area could be as high as four, based on local accounts.
Whether they will stay long enough to become an attraction like their cousin Fungie in Dingle, Co. Kerry is yet to be seen.
Fungie, a male fully grown bottlenose dolphin, is Ireland's most famous mammal.
First seen in Dingle harbour in 1983, he continues to seek out human contact over thirty years later.
He most recently made the news in Ocotber when he sustained head injuries as a result of Storm Ophelia.

On the Facebook page 'Fungie Forever' dedicated to the Dingle dolphin, an update was given on his welfare the day after the storm.

They said: "It's an exceptional wonderful sunny and calm day, but Ophelia left a a few 'marks' on dear old Fungie.

"You might say he has a few more beauty marks now.

"Two cuts - but they do not look too serious and we know how fast dolphin skin heals, so we are quite positive this will just leave some scars.

"Fungie is fine," they said.