Irish shoppers left speechless as man brings his sheep for a shop in Lidl
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Irish shoppers left speechless as man brings his sheep for a shop in Lidl

A FRIENDLY SHEEP caused a stir in a Co. Antrim supermarket after being brought along for a shop by its owner.  

John Junk, of Belfast Books Limited, was in the Lidl store with his wife and two children when they ran into the unusual customer.

The family’s snaps documenting the event went viral over the weekend, with thousands of Facebook ewesers wondering whether they were indeed having the wool pulled over their eyes.

Mr Junk said the man was asked to leave the shop but pointed out that the sign simply said "no dogs" and did not mention sheep.

"Locals seem to have difficulty processing what was happening, and one middle-aged woman rubbed her eyes in disbelief," Mr Junk explained.


"Other shoppers were incredulous, but seeing how we are used to all sorts coming to our book shop it didn't faze my wife and daughter at all."

The post has now been liked over 2,000 times and transformed the as yet unnamed sheep into a lamboyant local celebrity.

“After he'd been asked to leave we spoke to the urban shepherd outside,” Mr Junk added.

“He claimed that his charge was one of triplets, and he'd had her from she was three days old and had saved her from the abattoir.

“The lad seemed to have a genuine affection for the animal, and despite having some drink taken, it didn't look like the animal was in any need of rescue.”

Not something ewe see everyday.