It's all about that space - create extra room for your family with Steeltech
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It's all about that space - create extra room for your family with Steeltech

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WE always seem to need more space in our extra room for guests, a granny flat or home office.

Changing circumstances can mean that creating extra space becomes a necessity. Steeltech’s Sean Brett has been creating high quality garden rooms for over 20 years.

“Creating extra space for the family in a garden room has become hugely popular for a couple of reasons,” he says.

Years ago, the only options were to convert the loft - which is very disruptive and height restrictions make it an unworkable solution in many homes - or to add an extension, which is expensive and also disruptive.

Steeltech offers a range of garden rooms to suit your needs.

A garden room gives people the extra space they need.

“We can deliver and erect on site in under a week, with no disruption to the family home,” Sean Brett adds. “We’ve just delivered a garden office for a man who works from home three days a week.

"He has two small children and working in the spare room had become impossible with all the interruptions and noise. Now he has a proper office where he has peace and quiet, with no rent outlay and it only cost him £7,425.

Steeltech can help you create extra space for your family.

“His office is fully insulated. We only use Kingspan Insulation because I don’t believe that anything else does as good a job,” says the Steeltech founder.

“We completed the electrics and internal fit-out and all he had to do was bring in his furniture. He sent us a selfie sitting at his new desk and the smile on his face said it all.”

Steeltech is an Irish company, started by Sean Brett 23 years ago.

The business is nationwide in Ireland, with 16 branches and a further six planned.

Steetech has now expanded to Britain.

Five months ago Sean expanded the business to Britain and there are now four Steeltech outlets across Britain with many more planned for the very near future.

What makes Steeltech so successful? Sean says it‘s all down to the quality of the product.

“I’m a perfectionist,” he says. “The tiniest detail just has to be right. We use only the highest quality steel, highest quality insulation. That’s what makes the difference.”

What is the most popular use for a garden room?

“As well as the home office, we see a lot of people creating an extra room for a parent or adult child,” Sean says.

“They have their privacy but it’s still close by. And they can be designed exactly to the customers specifications, so people get a space that really works for them.

Steeltech can provide the perfect addition to your garden.

He adds: “Customers keep telling us that their new room improves their quality of life and there’s a great deal of job satis- faction in that.

“A new survey of independent estate agents by Move with Us suggests that adding a garden office may increase the value of your home by five per cent, so it’s also a very good investment. And that’s important to people too.”

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