106-year-old Irish woman urges country to vote to solve homelessness crisis

106-year-old Irish woman urges country to vote to solve homelessness crisis

ONE of Ireland's oldest citizens has urged the nation to pull together to put an end to the country's homelessness crisis.

106-year-old Nancy Stewart, who is herself older than the Republic of Ireland, says she's never missed a single general election and plans to keep it that way this weekend.

She's encouraging the country to get out and vote on Saturday and stresses that citizens and politicians alike should do what they can to get people off the streets.

Speaking with the Irish Mirror, the Meath native says politicians should "stop fighting" one another and work together for the greater good of the country.

"I'm sick of listening to them (TDs) fighting with each other and then doing absolutely nothing - they should be ashamed of themselves.

"I feel really bad about all the people and children, the young children who have no homes. It didn’t happen in my day. We need to make sure that no-one in this country is forgotten.

"Back then, the council built small cottages for people who could eventually buy them. They weren’t grand homes - they were small cottages. All you need is a kitchen, a sitting room and a bedroom - sure you can only sleep in one bed.

"The minute you get the old age pension, sure it’s well and truly spent because of the cost of things.

"Back in my day, we worked hard and everyone was on an equal footing. We picked potatoes by hand - back breaking stuff, but now you just go and buy washed ones. Everyone had the same and shared what they had.

"Mothers stayed at home and they would feel degraded if they had to go out and work. You were raised by your mother and your next door neighbours. Many mothers now just can’t afford to stay at home and that is just wrong.


"For society’s sake, mothers should be given a grant to stay at home, if that is what they want to do.

"Please God, I’ll be voting on Saturday but I won’t be saying for who. No-one should be told who to vote for but everyone should do their own homework before they vote.

"Everyone should have a right to a roof over their head.

"Go out and vote. You have no right to give out if you don’t vote. You can only complain if you do. Your country needs you to vote."

*Well said, Nancy.