20 hilariously Irish ways to describe the agonising pain of a hangover

20 hilariously Irish ways to describe the agonising pain of a hangover

STOUT, whiskey, gin and lager. When it comes to drinking, Ireland has all the bases covered.

Similarly, when it comes to describing the immeasurable pain that awaits us the morning after the night before, the Irish have it sorted.

No one does a better job of painting a vivid picture of the dreaded hangover from the night before and no one is funnier at it either.

Here are 20 perfectly Irish ways to describe the agonising torture of a hangover...

20. In a jock

No slight on the Scottish, more a reminder you are a total mess.

19. Banjoed

Think of the duelling banjos from Deliverance. Except living inside your head.

18. Hangin' like a sign

So simple yet so effective.

17. Woke up still drunk

Always a bad sign...

16. Sick as a plane to Lourdes

No amount of praying can save you now.

15. Feeling like a torn stocking

You're an absolute state.

14. Head on me like John the Baptist

A hangover of Biblical proportions.

13. Like two fag burns in a blanket

An evocative image if ever there has been one.

12. Circling over Shannon

Is there a worse feeling in the world?

11. The horrors

Sat in your room, sweating in the dark like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

10. In rag order

When only a cup of tea and a fry-up can bring you back to life.

9. Sick as a small hospital

Because a big hospital would be over doing it, right?

8. Had a bad pint

A few bad pints, more like.

7. Bottle of ghosts

The horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach after a night on the spirits.

6. In Lego

As in "you're in bits" right?

5. Mouth like a fur boot

When you got to bed after 10 pints and 0 glasses of water.

4. In a heap

Getting in a heap is one thing, getting out of it is another matter.

3. Brown bottle flu

Not a valid excuse to miss work though.

2. Got The Fear

That strange paranoid feeling you embarrassed yourself the night before.

1. Feel like boiled sh*te

Imagine a boiled sh*te. Horrible, right?


 ** Published on: Aug 12, 2019