21-year-old arrested for stealing £850 shot of Irish whiskey

21-year-old arrested for stealing £850 shot of Irish whiskey

A MAN sampling the finest of food and wines at certain American hotels while on holiday has finally been caught.

Nick Cooper reportedly made something of a habit of visiting numerous establishments in Washington DC and collecting a large bill but leaving without paying.

Mr Cooper is said to have visited one location for dinner and ordered a 34-year-old Teeling Irish single malt whiskey which usually costs $1,200 (£850) but left the venue before paying.

According to Metro, Mr Cooper was in the 5-star Hay-Adams hotel when onlookers watched him brag about the worth of the whiskey he was drinking.


The 21-year-old visited hotels and high-end bars in the past such as the Willard Intercontinental hotel and spent more than $68 using a fake name. Just days later, he was arrested following theft and resisting arrest at the Ritz Carlton.

Bars in Washington were forced to share photos and information on Mr Cooper to prevent further bills going unpaid.