94-year-old Irish Canadian performs stunning rendition of ‘When Irish Eyes Are Smiling’

94-year-old Irish Canadian performs stunning rendition of ‘When Irish Eyes Are Smiling’

A 94-YEAR-OLD Irish Canadian has wowed the internet with a stirring rendition of an old favourite from the Emerald Isle. 

Charlie Murphy was born and raised in St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador province over in Canada. 

However, like many Irish abroad, he’s never lost touch with his roots and heritage back home. 

An avid fan of local DJ Greg Smith and his Irish Newfoundland Show on the Canadian station VOCM, Charlie wanted to do something special to show his appreciation for the work that goes into the Irish-focused radio show. 

With that in mind, he decided to have himself recorded performing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. 

It's a brilliant song choice and an even better performance, with Charlie imbuing the song with a sense of hope and nostalgia for a time when life as we know it was a little simpler.

Originally composed in 1878, The Wolfe Tones and Bing Crosby are among those musicians who gave their own spin on the classic love-letter to Ireland, but it is Ernest Ball, an acclaimed composer who was born on 22 July 1878, who first introduced the world to its harmony. 

Ball composed the melody and music to the song with the help of songwriters Chauncey Olcott and George Graff, Jr. 

Despite the song now being widely accepted as being as Irish as can be, Ball was the only one involved in making the song that had any connection to Ireland, as his mother had immigrated from there-- the song itself was written on American soil by American songwriters. 

It remains as brilliantly poignant today as it did all those years ago, with Charlie’s version guaranteed to have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. 

Irish eyes will definitely be smiling after hearing this.