This adorable Irish girl is lifting spirits during lockdown with delightful recipe videos

This adorable Irish girl is lifting spirits during lockdown with delightful recipe videos

A YOUNG Irish girl is putting her time in lockdown to great use with a series of video guides offering recipes and advice on growing and foraging food. 

Nora Ralph, from Belcarra in Co. Mayo, may only be four-years-old but she’s already something of an expert when it comes to baking cakes, growing vegetables and rustling up some great dishes. 

And she’s been busy showcasing her impressive skills online via Nora on Food, her very own Facebook page offering “food education” in the form of “cooking, growing, foraging and fun.” 

"Nora has always been a keen cook and loves making her favourite dishes," her dad Barry, who runs the House of Plates restaurant in nearby Castlebar, told The Irish Post.

"Recently Nora made a veggie patch in her garden and is really looking forward to watching her fruit and vegetables grow."

Joined by her younger sister and assistant, June, the burgeoning food fanatic takes viewers through everything from how to make and manage your very own vegetable patch to easy recipes for butter fried chicken and, best of all, cheesecake. 

Although she has only recently turned four, Nora has been foraging for a couple of years with the help of her dad - and some of his culinary skills have clearly rubbed off too.

Presented in easy-to-follow videos hosted by Nora herself, her clips are fun, informative and ideal viewing during this extended period indoors. 

Her most recent video upload sees Nora tackle a delicious-sounding recipe for chocolate chip and coconut cookies that’s already got us checking the cupboards for all the necessary ingredients. 

"Nora says she loves to try new flavours and combinations to create exciting dishes," Barry explains.

Next up she's going to be putting together her very own salad dressing from ingredients sourced at home.

Nora’s efforts have gained traction online too, with people across Ireland and beyond taking time out to thank her for culinary offerings. 

“Nora thank you for your recipes but most of all for your upbeat delivery which makes me smile and lifts my heart," one fan wrote. 

“The first cookery demonstration that I understood,” another said. 

“Way Better than some chefs I seen. Keep it up,” a third said. “You are a star.” 

“I really enjoy all your videos Nora, you are a smart young girl and your parents must be very proud" a fourth chipped in with – and these are merely the tip of the iceberg. 

With Nora continuing to cook up a storm on social media, fans are already looking forward to what she has on the menu ovr the next few weeks. 

"When I’m bigger I want to be a good chef," she tells the Irish Post.

A career in TV awaits! 

Anyone wishing to following Nora on Food can do so here.