Adorable lost lamb spends night in a prison cell after being rescued by Gardaí

Adorable lost lamb spends night in a prison cell after being rescued by Gardaí

A LOST lamb spent the night behind “baas” after Gardaí came to the youngster’s rescue after he became separated from his flock.

Officers were first alerted to the lamb’s stricken state by passing motorists who came across the young animal wandering along a stretch of road in Clonmel, Tipperary.

Evidently lost having wandered off from the other animals in his flock, the lamb was given the four-star treatment by the officers on duty.

There was certainly no kidding about for the officers on duty.

Housed inside a vacant cell, the lamb could not have looked cosier while Gardai waited for the animal’s owners to get in touch.

Pictures of the Clonmel lamb were shared online by Garda Info on Twitter along with the good news that the lamb’s owners had already been located.

“This little fella was found over the weekend by Gardaí in Clonmel after he became separated from his flock,” the tweet read.

“Many thanks to the person who phoned this in after locating him on the road. He was cared for overnight and returned to his grateful owner yesterday morning.”

Gardai have been busy reuniting animals with their owners in Ireland of late.

On Saturday, for example, the Dundalk Policing Unit in Louth came across a “cheeky” dog late on Saturday night.

Thankfully, in this instance, they were able to reunite the prized pet with his family of owners.

“This morning, Gardai were delighted to reunite the dog with their very worried owner, who made contact with Gardai,” Garda Info wrote on Twitter.

“Please keep your pets safe and secure.”