Cork schoolboy hailed as hero after saving father’s life following farm accident

Cork schoolboy hailed as hero after saving father’s life following farm accident

AN IRISH schoolboy has been hailed for his “astonishing” bravery after saving his father’s life following a farm accident.

Brian Philpott from Cork was commended for his heroic actions after coming to the rescue of his dad, Declan, after he was crushed between an agitator and the wheel of a tractor.

Kanturk Fire & Rescue singled the 13-year-old out for praise over his quick thinking and life-saving actions which prevented the situation from turning tragic.

The problems began when the agitator they were mounting on their tractor fell off its stand, pinning Declan between the wheel and the agitator.

Unable to breath due to the weight of the agitator pressing against him, within minutes Declan had passed out and had started to turn blue.

Showing incredible clarity of thought, Brian jumped into the tractor and drove the vehicle forward, allowing his father to breathe again.

In a split second and in a tense, emotional and extremely pressurised situation, Brian showed the kind of decisive action that can mean the difference between life and death.

The emergency services were called with firefighters assisting in moving Declan from the scene and into an ambulance.

“This incident shows the importance of being alert and aware when using farm machinery and never take it for granted how quickly situations can change around farm machinery,” Kanturk Fire & Rescue said.

We would like you to meet a young Local Hero 💥 Brian Philpott 💥

Astonishing bravery of 13-year-old boy who was at hand...

Posted by Kanturk Fire & Rescue on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Declan is now recovering in hospital while his son, Brian, has been inundated with messages praising his quick-thinking efforts.

“Well done Brian for staying cool and level headed and saving your father's life,” one said.

“Great thinking young man such bravery in a time of crisis,” a second said.

“Well done to this brave young man for such great presence of mind in an emergency,” a third added.