All pubs across Ireland ‘could be allowed to reopen by middle of the month’

All pubs across Ireland ‘could be allowed to reopen by middle of the month’

ALL PUBS across Ireland could be set to reopen by the middle of September, according to an exclusive report from the Irish Times.

The decision comes as part of a new long-term strategy set to be adopted by the Irish government to help tackle Covid-19. 

Under the ‘Living with Covid’ plans, all pubs will reopen from September 14, though they will remain subject to strict regulation. 

Regular inspections would also take place to ensure drinking establishments are adhering to government guidelines on hygiene and social distancing. 

According to the report, drafts of the Department of Health’s plan have already been circulated, with some criticising it as overly restrictive. 


The chances will see the  National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet) working more closely with the Government to implement the public health measures . 

It comes as a direction reaction to previous criticism that the Government was guilty of watering down many of Nphet’s recommendations for the gradual reopening of the economy. 

The proposed plan for the reopening of pubs comes in a week in which Micheál Martin has come in for criticism over new laws requiring pubs and restaurants to keep a 28-day log of food orders. 

The Taoiseach has defended the measures as a means of ensuring rogue operators serving only drink and not food are effectively weeded out.