Ambassador launches website for Irish emigrants in Luton

Ambassador launches website for Irish emigrants in Luton

THE IRISH Ambassador has launched a website to help new emigrants get started in Britain.

The website, called This is Luton and targeted primarily at those arriving in the Bedfordshire town, contains a guide to gaining employment and living on this side of the Irish Sea.

Luton Irish Forum said it decided to create the resource after encountering several new emigrants in “desperate” circumstances.

Speaking at the launch, the charity’s CEO Noelette Hanley cited the example of two young men who were forced to return home because they failed to prepare properly for life in Britain.

The pair had come over in search of work with a small amount of money and were sleeping on friends’ sofas when they first came into contact with the Forum, Ms Hanley said.

“They had a couple of hundred pounds left and were shocked when it was explained to them that they would need a deposit and a month’s rent to secure somewhere to live,” she added.

“They had no trade or qualifications and were looking for site work. After being told that if they wanted to get labour work they would need a CSCS card, they were clearly disheartened.

“They then asked about Jobseeker’s Allowance and Housing Benefit, but had no idea that to claim either they would need a national insurance number and had not even begun the process of applying for one.

“They left disappointed and decided that spending their last bit of money on their ticket home might be the best option.”

To access This is Luton, which is also available in the Irish language, visit

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