Back to the Future: the musical set to debut in 2020

Back to the Future: the musical set to debut in 2020

A MUSICAL version of Back to the Future, the hit 1980s blockbuster film, is coming to the stage in 2020.

The show is set for its world premiere in Manchester in February 2020 as part of a 12-week run, with plans to then transfer the production to London’s West End.

More productions could follow across the UK and Ireland.

Released back in 1985 to rave reviews and box office success, Back to the Future centres on the adventures of Irish American teenager Marty McFly, who is accidentally sent 30 years back in time via a time-travelling DeLorean car built by his friend and mad scientist Doc Brown.

Michael J. Fox played McFly in the film and its two sequels in a role that helped cement his Hollywood stardom.

West End actor Olly Dobson is set to fill Fox’s shoes for the musical version of Back to the Future and comes to the role of McFly with plenty of credit in the bank.

Dobson’s previous West End credits include roles in Matilda and the Meat Loaf musical Bat Out of Hell.

Bob Gale, who wrote the original movies alongside director Robert Zemeckis, is involved in the book for the musical version with music and lyrics by Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard.

The production will also feature classic rock’n’roll songs from the film including Johnny B Goode and  will be directed by John Rando,.

Gale said he and Zemeckis had “been trying to get this project off the ground for years, but good things take time and finally, the time is right."

"Our cast is outstanding, the songs are fantastic, and director John Rando is doing an amazing job ensuring the show truly captures the magic of the movie. We’re thrilled that we can retell our story on stage in a brand-new way.”

Designer Tim Hatley will be in charge of sets and costumes to fit the show’s two eras: 1985 and 1955.

Christopher Lloyd, who played Doctor Emmett Brown in the films, said: “Ever since Bob Gale told me about this, I’ve been eagerly anticipating it and, in particular, wondering what it will be like to hear Doc Brown sing. I’m only sorry I don’t have a real time machine so that I could see it tomorrow.”

The musical will open at the Manchester Opera House on February 20th 2020.