Bar's 40-foot green steel float vanishes right before St Patrick's Day preparations begin

Bar's 40-foot green steel float vanishes right before St Patrick's Day preparations begin

AN AMERICAN business who decided to start preparing for the annual 'Wearin' of the Green' parade had a spanner put in the works when they realised that their enormous, 40-foot steel float has vanished from storage.

Unless they get a little bit of the luck of the Irish, Baton Rouge-based business Ivar's Sports Bar & Grill might have to start their St Patrick's Day parade plan from scratch.

Bar owner Edwin Edwards, along with some of his staff, visited their storage container where they keep the float last week as they intended to do some maintenance before the big day, just to discover that it was nowhere to be found.

Speaking to local media outlet WBRZ, Mr Edwards said his initial reaction at the massive steel float disappearing was: "my mother is going to be very mad", adding "She's the part-owner of the float with me and enjoys St Patrick's Day just as much as I do".

The bar have appealed on social media for the float to be returned, with good-natured Mr Edwards saying "someone might have just thought it was abandoned and figured they would borrow it".

He promised that if the float was returned in time for the annual parade, there'll be "no harm no foul and we'll go on from there".


But even if the float isn't returned, the St Patrick's Day superfan is determined that the show must go on, even if they have to rent a float.

"We're obviously not gonna miss the St Patrick's Day parade!" Mr Edwards told WBRZ.

They might want to start praying to St Anthony, but if any of our American readers have noticed a 40-foot green steel float popping up out of nowhere lately, you can call 225 388 0021-- and you'll get a free ride on the float as well as an invitation to the big green afterparty at Ivar's Bar and Grill.