Best burgers in Europe: Two Irish restaurants make the list

Best burgers in Europe: Two Irish restaurants make the list

TWO IRISH restaurants have been included in a list ranking the top 50 best burgers in Europe.

According to the travel company Big 7 Travel, Ireland has a little more to shout about than just Guinness and potatoes ... we can do burgers too, apparently.

Bunsen Burger, a chain which operates out of Dublin, Cork and Belfast, officially ranks as the seventh-best burger in Europe.

And dipping into their social media for a moment, it really isn't hard to see why. Anyone else need a napkin? *Drools excessively*

Bunsen's menu is only small, with the focus less on which burger to choose and more on how you'd like your burger cooked, which serves to add to the intimacy of the whole experience.

And just look at it, who wouldn't want to get intimate with this burger??

"Locals are obsessed with this chain and it’s not hard to see why. Bunsen make their own buns, grind the beef and keep things remarkably simply with a small menu, where you can choose exactly how you want your beef burger to be cooked," write Big 7 Travel.

Their "creamy shakes" also get a mention.

Also making the list is Galway's Handsome Burger, which ranks in 20th place.

Referred to as a 'rising star in the West of Ireland', Handsome Burger gets the nod for its "great use of prime, Irish beef, with toppings such as tobacco onions, chorizo and their signature sauce bringing it to the next level".

They've also got a second location in Dublin's Eatyard, and glancing at the reviews of their burgers, I'm sure it won't be long before they start expanding further.

As for the rest of the list, Sad Man's Tongue Bar & Bistro in Prague, Czech Republic takes the top spot, with Burger and Beyond in London, England and Goiko Grill in Valencia, Spain following shortly behind.

To see the full list in all its tasty glory, click here.