The biggest Irish news stories from the last 24 hours

The biggest Irish news stories from the last 24 hours

EVERY evening The Irish Post rounds up the biggest Irish headlines over the last 24 hours to keep you in the know. Here’s what happened today…

Double tragedy 

Two men die in separate tragic accidents on Irish roads in the same day. Click here for more.

Murdered by her fiancée

Man convicted of stabbing his fiancée to death hours after celebrating their engagement. Click here for more.


Terry on top

Irish broadcaster Terry Wogan voted greatest BBC radio presenter by Radio Times. Click here for more.

Lucky Irish island wins €500,000 on the lotto 

Luck is in for west of Ireland island as a lotto syndicate won €500,000 in EuroMillions. Click here for more. 

English man found dead in Irish town named 

English man found dead in Irish town has been named as investigation into his suspicious death is underway. Click here for more. 

Brace yourself - the worst flu is coming 


Pharmacists have urged people to get flu jabs as the ‘worst epidemic in 50 years’ heads to Ireland and Britain from Australia this winter. Click here for more. 

'They're connected to Ireland...' 

Dermot O’Leary reveals how his parents are getting on since big move home. Click here for more. 

Gloria Hunniford was on 'IRA death list' 

Irish TV presenter Gloria Hunniford reveals she was 'stunned' when she was told the IRA had her on their ‘death list.' Click here for more. 

Arrest made in connection with Irish house fire 30 years ago 

A man in his 50s has been arrested in connection with house fire which killed an Irish woman and her two nieces 30 years ago. Click here for more.