Birmingham's St Patrick’s plans confirmed – including community celebration and walking parade

Birmingham's St Patrick’s plans confirmed – including community celebration and walking parade

THE St Patrick’s Day plans for Birmingham have been confirmed this week – with a community event on the cards as well as a walking parade.

Last month it was announced that responsibilities for the city’s annual St Patrick’s Day Parade had been passed to the Birmingham Irish Association.

The team there, led by CEO Maurice Malone, have since been reviewing the plans for 2023, and have now confirmed that a “pared back” community event will take place in the city, as well as a “small walking parade”.

“I can confirm Birmingham Irish Association (BIA), as new custodians of the Birmingham St Patrick’s Day Parade, has now reviewed the current status of the event, and in light of resources and time constraints, we have decided to stage a pared back community event with the help of local Irish community groups,” Mr Malone told The Irish Post.

Birmingham Irish Association CEO Maurice Malone

“The low-key event will take place in Cannon Hill Park, on Sunday, March 12, from 11am and has been the subject of a Safety Advisory Group process which is now complete."

He added: "The Birmingham St Patrick’s Day Parade will not be held in Digbeth in 2023, due to the ongoing redevelopment of Digbeth High Street,”

However BIA have confirmed that there will be a walking parade which will take place in Canon Hill Park during their planned St Patrick’s festivities.

“The event will be focused on Irish culture; Irish dance schools, GAA sports, the photographic display 'We Built this City', and a talk from Birmingham's Irish Heritage group,” Mr Malone confirmed.

“A small walking parade will take place at 11 am with representatives from the Irish counties,” he added.

Anyone planning on attending the Birmingham celebrations should be aware that “there will be no food and drink stalls” at the event and BIA is encouraging the use of public transport as parking at the venue is limited.

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