Boris Johnson’s father apologises for remarks about Irish people shooting each other

Boris Johnson’s father apologises for remarks about Irish people shooting each other

BORIS JOHNSON’s father has issued a grovelling apology over previous remarks about Irish people shooting each other.

Former MEP Stanley Johnson made the controversial comments during an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain back in October 2018.

Responding to a question about the issue of Brexit and the Irish border the UK Prime Minister’s father said: "if the Irish people want to shoot each other, they will shoot each other".

The former MEP and author apologised for the remarks during an appearance on Newstalk Breakfast.

“I want to apologise profusely for saying that,” he said.


He expressed his hope the Irish and UK government would avoid the introduction of a hard border and reiterated his belief his son was “doing the right thing” with regards to Brexit.

“He is doing his very best to avoid a no-deal Brexit which would hurt the Irish economy and the European economy,” he said.

“Boris is moving the dial.”

Johnson also argued that the UK Prime Minister’s approach was a correct one given the result of the referendum three years ago.

“When the UK voted in June 2016, they voted to leave. That is a constitutional decision,” he said.

"The line he’s taking today is proper and is constitutional.


"I think he is burning the candle at both ends, but I think he’s up for it.”

Stanley isn't the first Johnson to put his foot in his mouth when it comes to Ireland.

Boris Johnson was previously quoted as expressing surprise Taoiseach Leo Varadkar "isn’t he called Murphy like all the rest of them.”

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