Man wakes up to find BORIS JOHNSON in his home as part of police raid

Man wakes up to find BORIS JOHNSON in his home as part of police raid

A VIDEO is currently doing the rounds on social media which appear to show Prime Minister Boris Johnson taking part in a police raid and being filmed by a man in the property.

The video was posted to Snapchat, with screen recordings soon being shared on Twitter on Wednesday.

"Bro, how the f*** did I get raided and Boris Johnson's there," a man says to camera in the video.

The direction of the camera then flips to show the Prime Minister inside the premises in what appears to be a protective vest, along with other officers.

"Wagwan Boris," the man holding the phone says, which is a form of saying "what's going on" in Jamaican slang.

"Good morning, how are you doing?" Mr Johnson appears to say in response.

No arrests were made during the raid.

The man later told the Independent that he "thought he was dreaming" after waking up to find Mr Johnson in his flat, surrounded by police officers.

Splinter Sales, who described himself as a hip-hop rapper, said he woke up to shouts of "police" outside the property in West Norwood, southeast London.

Mr Johnson joined the police for the raid ahead of his resignation next week.

He has been taking part in a number of visits across the UK, which has been dubbed a farewell tour.

The outgoing prime minister used the opportunity to stress his record on tackling crime.