Bride planning on having open casket at wedding after aunt died days before ceremony

Bride planning on having open casket at wedding after aunt died days before ceremony

A BRIDE-TO-BE has gone viral with her plans for a combined wedding/funeral in a happy/sombre occasion few in attendance are likely to forget any time soon.

The unnamed woman’s plans first surfaced on Facebook [via Daily Star], where she explained how the two contrasting events have ended up merging.

It would appear that in the days running up to her wedding her aunt sadly passed away.

Undeterred she took to social media to confirm that the nuptials were going ahead, albeit with one rather macabre twist.

Her recently-deceased aunt would still be in attendance, though she would be watching on from an open casket, allowing guests to celebrate the wedding while also paying respects to their lost and much-loved relative.

“We are all deeply saddened about her loss but we promise that we will not cancel the wedding next week,” she wrote in the Facebook post.

“In her honour, we know she would want us to celebrate and have a day filled with love and joy.”

The decision was partly fuelled by the “skyrocketing” funeral costs which made paying for separate weddings and funerals was virtually impossible.

Keen to move forward with plans for both ceremonies, they ultimately settled on an unusual compromise – a wedding with her late aunt on display.

“Feel free to stop by during the wedding to say goodbyes, she will be on display for those who wish to gain some closure,” she wrote.

“Remember, even though losing ones one we love can be heartbreaking – there is also a joy in celebrating love and partnership in marriage.”

Despite the unusual plans, the bride-to-be stated that she was nevertheless “very excited” for the big day ahead.

A sweet gesture or something a little more morbid? One thing is for sure: don’t expect to see this sort of thing catch on anytime soon.