Gobsmacked bride told by boss she can't have time off work for her own wedding

Gobsmacked bride told by boss she can't have time off work for her own wedding

A BEWILDERED BRIDE has been told by her manager that she isn't allowed to take time off work in order to get married.

The bride-to-be took to a forum on Mumsnet to air her grievances and ask for advice on the exasperating situation.

The woman explained that she started a part-time job at a make-up counter to earn some extra cash, and mentioned that when she first joined, she told the HR department she was getting married and needed time off for it. According to the would-be bride, her employers told her that wouldn't be a problem.

But things quickly turned sour after she started work there, after she discovered her boss had the week of her wedding booked off.

In the post, she wrote: "I started the job and discovered my manager has the week of my honeymoon booked off for a holiday and flies out on my wedding day. The full time assistant is being a bridesmaid at another wedding that day so there is no cover in the store.

"My manager said I cannot have the time off. I thought she was joking so I said 'sure, I’ll just re-arrange it for the following week then!' She said that I should make it at least a couple of weeks after HER holiday.

"I explained that it wasn’t possible to cancel my wedding and she said it was a shame I wasn’t showing my dedication to the brand and being a team player so early on in the job.

"No more has been said as she has gone off sick so it’s just me and the other assistant. I can’t do too much (paid) overtime as I’m studying so she’s being funny with me. I’m contracted for 15 hours a week but I’m doing 22.5 hours currently to cover. The brand is recruiting for another part time assistant."

She went on to ask the forum members what to do, with many telling her that she should simply quit.

One user commented saying: "Go in, quit, and then ask to be made up as you are considering using their brand for your wedding make up."

Another said: "For your own benefit OP, I would email Head Office to cover yourself (don't shoot your self in the foot) and make it clear that your wedding date was told to them at the time of hiring, they agreed and that THEY have reneged on this not you. Then leave. You don't owe that lot on the make up counter anything."