British couple who claimed Taoiseach was trying to kill them have £1.6million legal action struck out

British couple who claimed Taoiseach was trying to kill them have £1.6million legal action struck out

A BRITISH couple who claimed the Taoiseach was trying to have them murdered have had a £1.6million compensation claimed dismissed.

One of the plaintiffs also alleged she was ‘falsely imprisoned’ after being housed in an area of Belfast where she was the only British citizen.

The details of the case have been revealed in a newly-published judgement by the judiciary in Northern Ireland.

'Very serious crime'

According to the judgement, Zeus Mitchell and her son arrived in Northern Ireland in February 2017 telling the Housing Executive that Leo Varadkar had instructed other government officials to murder her family in the Republic of Ireland.

She revisited Ireland and returned to the North a few days later with her other children, while her husband Daniel Osula joined the family shortly after.

He also met the Housing Executive and reiterated his wife’s claims that the Taoiseach, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Chief State Solicitor, and the President of the Circuit Court were trying to kill them as they threatened to expose a “very serious crime”.

The couple and their children were granted emergency accommodation but claimed the Housing Executive refused to pay for it and ordered the family to return to the Republic.

They said a Housing Executive team leader and a social worker for Gateway Social Services, a department of one of the North’s Health and Social Care Trusts, excluded their allegations against the Taoiseach when compiling a report on the family.

They said this was done to protect the Taoiseach and the other Irish officials as well as being an attempt to undermine their British citizenship.

Seeking damages of £1.6million, they sued the Housing Executive team leader and Gateway Social Services, claiming they had been victims of illegal extradition, fraud and defamation and that their human rights had been violated.

Mitchell also said she had been falsely imprisoned “because she is the only British citizen with British value living in West Belfast, as all other British citizens with British values are housed in the South of Belfast”.


Master Evan Bell at the High Court accepted both defendants’ applications to strike out the actions against them on the basis that the plaintiffs’ cases were futile and frivolous.

In his judgement, Master Bell said: “Even if it were true that the Irish Prime Minister, the Irish Director of Public Prosecutions, the Irish Chief State Solicitor, judges, police officers and Revenue officials had been involved in a conspiracy to have the plaintiffs murdered, it would be highly unlikely that the Housing Executive and Gateway Social Services would believe it to be true.”