Bushmills offering a free Irish Whiskey to every American in 2021

Bushmills offering a free Irish Whiskey to every American in 2021

BUSHMILLS IS spreading a little Irish cheer in the New Year with the offer a free whiskey to drinkers old and new over in the US. 

The “First Whiskey of 2021” initiative has been put together in the hope of raising spirits – in every sense of the word.

It’s a simple enough idea: Bushmills will cover the cost of a glass of whiskey from your local pub or bar of choice. When the time is right, of course.

This simple friendly Irish gesture is about ensuring the 400-year-old spirit makers can help people across the US see in the new year with what will hopefully be the first of many toasts.

Whether ordered in person or via takeaway or delivery, the only request is that you make it a Bushmills.

In order to redeem this offer whiskey lovers old and new over the age of 21 need to purchase a  Bushmills Irish Whiskey, pour or cocktail from a favorite local bar or restaurant.

Then take a photo of the itemised receipt displaying the purchase of Bushmills and upload the receipt here. 

Valid receipts will receive a reimbursement of up to $6.00 (paid via Venmo, Paypal or Amazon) on purchases from January 1 through March 18, 2021, in participating U.S. states.

All of the Official terms and conditions can be found here. 

Bushmills' #FirstWhiskey program comes at a time when bars, pubs and restaurants across the US and far beyond need the help and support of customers more than ever.

With 400 years of whiskey-making experience under their belts, Bushmills knows a thing or two about the industry and the importance of showing loyalty to the venues, bar staff and owners who have given so much to customers down the years.

In addition to this programme, Bushmills has previously made a $200,000 donation to the USBG Foundation's Bartender Emergency Assistance Program.

The Irish whiskey giant is planning to continue its support for U.S. organizations that provide relief to those affected by the current crisis.

Like the distillation of a good whiskey, getting back to normality may take some time but it will be worth the wait when it does finally arrive.

Bushmills' First Whiskey program is not available in some states and does not include tax or tip. To find out more, visit Bushmills.