Celtic FC fan detained and fined £90 for launching a hamburger at police horse

Celtic FC fan detained and fined £90 for launching a hamburger at police horse

A CELTIC fan was arrested for throwing a hamburger at a police horse in Manchester on Tuesday night.

Thousands of Celtic fans descended upon the English city for their club’s Champions League meeting with Manchester City, which finished 1-1 at the Etihad station.

A total of 14 arrests were made during the course of the day, all of which were supporters of the Scottish outfit, but the most bizarre offence came shortly after mid-day.

The Greater Manchester Police City Centre Twitter account announced at 12.40pm that a man had been arrested for “throwing a hamburger at a police horse in Piccadilly Gardens” and “started kicking about in the van” after being detained.

He was released on Wednesday morning with a £90 fine for his actions.

Twelves of the 14 arrests were for drink related public order offences, while one was for assault and another for possession of a class A substance.

A statement from Greater Manchester Police added: “In addition to the arrests, approximately 30 people were ejected from the stadium. Vast majority were away supporters ejected for sitting in the home end.”

Superintendent Craig Thompson of Greater Manchester Police Specialist Operations Branch added: “The majority of fans were extremely well behaved and I hope everybody has a safe journey home.”

Manchester City are likely to be sanctioned by UEFA for incidents which led to the ejection of Celtic fans from the stadium, with disturbances taking place between opposing fans in the home section during the match.

Last season, UEFA fined Manchester United £44,342 and Liverpool £43,577 for similar trouble inside the ground during their Europa League meeting in Old Trafford.