Conflicted Rory McIlroy unlikely to appear at 2020 Olympics

Conflicted Rory McIlroy unlikely to appear at 2020 Olympics

RORY MCILLROY has said that he will "more than likely" not appear at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to personal beliefs stopping him from choosing between representing either Britain or Ireland.

In an interview with the BBC, Co. Down raised McIlroy said that years of fighting himself about his dual-eligiblity had finally lead him to keep his allegiances neutral.

When asked about the uncertainty that has loomed over his career, the 27-year-old said: "I'm a very conflicted person, not a lot of people maybe understand that but it's just the way I feel."

Despite being eligible for either Britain or Ireland, McIlroy has consistantly chosen to delay a final decision.

But before last year's Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, McIlroy seemed to have finally buried his decision-making conundrum by announcing that he would represent Team Ireland.

This was short-lived though as sudden a reversal by McIlroy, blamed on an apparent fear of the Zika virus at the time, saw him miss the competition.

The four time Major winner has since confirmed that his decision was made due to a relcutance to decide between Britain and Ireland, telling the Sunday Independent that he resented the compeition for making him choose between both countries.

Despite his decision, McIlroy voiced keen support for golf being included in the Olympics, which made its first appeareance since 1904 at last years Rio games.

"The Olympic games are great and golf being included is fantastic," he said.

The former world number one also spoke warmly of Northern Ireland adding: "Northern Ireland is one of the best places on earth, the people are great and that will also be home for me."