Conor McGregor calls on Ireland’s Defence Forces to help enforce lockdown

Conor McGregor calls on Ireland’s Defence Forces to help enforce lockdown

CONOR MCGREGOR has called on the Irish government to enlist the Defence Forces to help enforce Leo Varadkar’s newly-announced lockdown. 

As part of measures outlined by the Taoiseach, people across Ireland have been told to stay at home for the next two weeks to help slow the spread of coronavirus. 

But while the government appears happy to trust the public to adhere to the measures with the help of regular Gardai patrols, McGregor believes more is required. 

Speaking in a video uploaded to the UFC star’s Facebook page, McGregor argued that the Gardai would need support in ensuring the public adhere to the new rules. 

“If you do not enter the game, you cannot win it. We have now entered the game and with strict adherence to the methods we will win,” the 31-year-old said. 


“We must abide by this and I pray for health of the country that we do so. 

“We cannot go by chance here. 

“I urge our government to utilise our Defence Forces. 

“Our Defence Forces have been mentioned as a possibility in assisting our 15,000 available Gardaí but only if necessary. However, it is necessary. 

“Any less than full adherence to these newly put forth methods by any member of our society will not only be a mockery to what we are attempting to do – it would put the rest of our great nation in danger. 


“You are doing your country an incredible deed by staying put.” 

Under the new restrictions the public are still allowed to venture out to supermarkets, pharmacies and medical appointments. 

They are also allowed to undertake a small, daily amount of exercise, albeit within 2km of their homes.