Conor McGregor pays heartfelt tribute to Ireland as 'the finest land the world has ever known'

Conor McGregor pays heartfelt tribute to Ireland as 'the finest land the world has ever known'

CONOR MCGREGOR has penned an emotional tribute to Ireland, describing it as “the finest land the world has ever known”. 

Writing on Instagram, the Notorious shared a picture of the Emerald Isle alongside a caption promising his countrymen the nation “will rise and we will prosper” after the coronavirus pandemic. 

McGregor wrote: "Feast your eyes on the finest land the world has ever known. The great land of the Emerald Isle of Ireland. ‬ 

"É a chur ar an bpunt, we find it all ways here.‬ And always, too. 

"40 shades of green, Johnny said. Mr. Cash himself. Wow. 


"We will rise and we will prosper! For it is all we know.". 

McGregor has been a prominent voice on social media since Ireland went into lockdown. 

As well as lending his support to the effort to encourage people to stay at home and save lives, he also donated €1 million to pay for Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) for medics in Ireland. 

More recently, McGregor has been offering exercise tips to those stuck indoors. 

Appearing on Instagram video he offered a neat tutorial on how to perform the perfect pull-up. 


Speaking from his home gym, McGregor explained:  "Okay, what is up everyone. I’m going to show you a little trick. What I like to utilise for pull-ups. 

"So obviously there are many grips to the pull up. The wide grip, the inside lat grip and the bicep grip. 

"I’m going to focus on the bicep grip right now which a lot of people would consider is the easiest one. It is where most people will start that’s why they probably consider it the easiest one. 

"The truth is whatever you start on, whatever one you work on is going to become to easiest one. Whatever you put the most work in will be the easiest one. 

"Anyway, I go through all the motions, I switch it up different days."