Cork woman goes viral with recreation of controversial scene from Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

Cork woman goes viral with recreation of controversial scene from Joaquin Phoenix's Joker

AN IRISH woman living in New York has become the talk of the internet after a video of her recreating Joaquin Phoenix’s controversial dance scene from the Joker went viral.

A fitness instructor living and working in the Big Apple, Laura Dorgan was so enamoured with Phoenix’s turn as the Clown Prince of Crime, she decided to explore some of the locations featured in the film.

Joined by her husband Michael, it wasn’t long before she came across a set of steps that featured in the film and decided to recreate one of the most iconic – and controversial – scenes from the hit film.

“Michael and I were walking around the city and we wanted to check out the steps from Joker,” she explained to The Echo.

“I had the Filas on and Michael convinced me to take a picture doing the iconic pose from the film”.

Posting the resulting video to Instagram, Dorgan found herself inundated with requests to use her recreation.

While she’s not the first person to recreate the dance – the steps have been inundated with fans recreating the scene - her particular effort has ended up in newspapers and adverts in Moscow, the UK, Tokyo and Singapore.

The Batman spin-off film initially attracted criticism over a scene which sees Phoenix’s character in clown make-up garb, dancing down a set of steps in the Bronx while Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Part 2 plays in the background.

Glitter is a convicted paedophile and the inclusion of the song sparked an angry reaction in some quarters, with many fans unhappy at the idea of the disgraced singer earning royalties from the song’s use in Joker.

Any such concerns have since been assuaged by the record label that owns the song, who confirmed Glitter would receive no such profits from the track.