Couple hold wedding in Dublin Airport

Couple hold wedding in Dublin Airport

A COUPLE enjoyed a wedding to remember in Ireland this weekend after tying the knot in a Dublin Airport terminal.

Nico Buhler and Justine Heintzelmann, who live in Ireland but are originally from France, have had to cancel their wedding three times because of Covid-19.

It was Nico who came up with the unusual idea of getting married at the airport

"On Monday, we didn't have a wedding planned due to coronavirus, so we didn't know where to go,” he told RTE.

"I woke up on Tuesday morning and I thought, we've been travelling so much, airports are always open, so I took my courage and I called [Dublin Airport]. And look where we are now!"

With the couple's paperwork close to expiration, Nico got in touch with Dublin Airport, asking for helping.

To their credit, they were more than happy to oblige, even posting a few pictures of the happy day online for posterity.

While most family members were unable to attend out of safety concerns, the bride’s sister was present among the three witnesses who joined the couple on their happy day.

Nico and Justine had hoped to hold the ceremony in the gardens outside the airport.

Unfortunately, they didn’t count on the Irish weather.

With conditions proving wet and windy, the couple opted instead for the original Aer Lingus terminal familiar to many who have travelled through Dublin airport.

And while many couples might have been tempted to jet off for a honeymoon given the location, the Buhlers instead opted to head home.

Not that Justine minded all that much.

After a saga that began with the cancellation of their fairytale wedding in Meath back at the end of April, she’s just delighted to have finally tied the knot – on a date of some significance, too.

“We hoped we could do it today, because it's our fifth year anniversary today, so it's even better to be able to do it like this,” she told RTE.

“What a crazy day!"

As for wedding gifts, the couple already have one on the way – Justine is expecting a baby due in the next few months.