This critically-acclaimed Irish zombie movie set in Dublin is coming to Netflix

This critically-acclaimed Irish zombie movie set in Dublin is coming to Netflix

A CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED zombie movie set in Dublin is coming to Netflix later this month and looks set to spark a flew sleepless nights across the Emerald Isle.

The Cured stars Inception’s Ellen Page alongside Ireland’s very own Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Sam Keeley. It also offers up a very unique take on the familiar horror sub-genre.

Written and directed by David Freyne, the film depicts a world where a disease known as the Maze virus once turned much of the population into zombies has now been cured. Well, almost.

While 75% of those infected who could be captured have been treated and cured of the virus. the remaining 25% have proven resistant to the vaccine.

Those once infected by the zombie virus have now returned to normal society, in safe zones like Dublin, but face discrimination at almost every turn.


The recovered undead are also haunted by their bloodthirsty actions while under the influence of the zombie virus plague.

Shunned by friends and family alike, the sense of alienation causes further social unrest, prompting military involvement from overly-cautious government forces and, eventually, something altogether more unsettling.

A clever and terrifying danger on the potential dangers of a disease pandemic, The Cured also thrives in touching on a raft of social issues that go way beyond the movie's blood and guts.

Released to limited cinemas back in 2018, The Cured scored plenty in the way of positive reviews with horror movie aficionados Bloody Disgusting giving the film four stars.

Film School Rejects concurred, branding Freyne’s movie a “terrifically tense thriller” while the Globe and Mail described it as “heartbreaking, compelling, terrifying.”

Most critics concurred with the film earning an impressive 67% score on the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.


A fresh and original spin on a well-tread genre, the film cranks up the tension and gore to the max, so much so, in fact, that one of its stars, Keeley, ended up becoming a vegetarian after working on the film.

So if the likes of 28 Days Later or The Girl With All The Gifts appealed, this is one film definitely worth seeking out.

The Cured will be available on Netflix from January 25th.