Dancing FBI agent who shot man after doing nightclub backflip charged

Dancing FBI agent who shot man after doing nightclub backflip charged

AN FBI agent who was filmed accidentally shooting someone after his gun fell out of his holster while doing a backflip in a crowded bar has been charged.

The agent, who was off-duty at the time, was filmed dancing erratically at the Mile High Spirits bar in Denver.

In the footage, which has since gone viral, everything seems to be fine until his gun falls from his waistband as he attempts a flip

When the off-duty agent goes to pick the firearm up, he somehow manages to squeeze the trigger, resulting in a sudden flash of light and panic among the watching crowd.

Tom Reddington, a patron at the venue, ended up being struck in the lower leg by the bullet and was taken to hospital as a result.

The FBI agent, meanwhile, was taken in by police and later released to his supervisor.

He's now been identified as 29-year-old Chase Bishop and has been charged with second-degree assault over the incident.

The Denver District Attorney's Office confirmed to the Washington Post that Bishop turned himself in earlier this week and was charged with the Class 4 felony.

He could now face anywhere between two to six years in prison as well as a fine of up to $500,000.

Bishop may even face additional charges over the incident, depending on his blood alcohol content. He's already submitted to testing, with the results set to be made available in a week.

A spokesperson for the FBI field office in Denver has declined to comment on the investigation or whether Bishop's job may be on the line.

Colorado gun laws do allow law enforcement officers to carry weapons, but the incident has nevertheless courted controversy.

In a statement posted on the Facebook of Mile High Spirits bar, Bishop's actions were condemned.

"It is shocking that the only shooting to ever occur at our establishment came about as a result of an FBI agent entering our distillery tasting room carrying a loaded firearm without our knowledge, in violation of our rules," it read.

Bishop now faces an anxious wait for those test results and his subsequent court appearance.